The Shen Yun Shop Launches First Fine Jewelry Collections

Lingling Xiong and JJ Wang, Contributing Writers

The Shen Yun Shop has released two Fine Jewelry Collections: The Heavenly Phoenix and Ruyi Timeless Blessings. Each jewelry piece created resonates with creative inspiration deeply rooted in traditional values. The collection accentuates aesthetic perfection in its purest form by skillfully combining traditional culture with elegant style. 

The Heavenly Phoenix 


Inspired by the Shen Yun dance piece Phoenixes of the Sapphire Paradise, the Heavenly Phoenix Collection comes alive through traditional patterns, pavé diamonds, exquisite lines, and sophisticated craftsmanship. The necklace in 18k white gold offers a choice of jewels set with Sapphire and Aquamarine.

The Phoenix Fairies Necklace in 18k white gold chain is adorned with blue sapphire and diamonds. The intricate, oval artwork set with pavé diamonds expresses the majestic grace of phoenixes as they bring the beauty and tranquility of the heavens to earth. Depicting the eyes of the phoenix, the sapphire glorifies the pendant with dazzling blue.

These captivating earrings feature symmetrically positioned blue sapphires and diamonds, capturing the motif of a heavenly phoenix. The round diamond on top and the teardrop blue sapphire in the center create color, light, and movement. The dazzling pieces bring out your inner glow with the brilliance of divine elegance.


Ruyi Timeless Blessings


The Ruyi Timeless Blessings Collection in 18k yellow gold is adorned with natural Tsavorite garnet and fine Akoya pearls. Apart from emeralds, Tsavorite is one of the most desirable green garnets on the market. Designed to sparkle with a natural glow, the Collection is crafted with Tsavorite in vibrant green and timeless pearls.

This Ruyi pattern is often seen in Shen Yun performances. Traditionally, the word Ruyi means “as one wishes” and represents a good future ahead.

Delicately carved and hollowed by skilled craftsmen, the cloud-shape silhouette in gold allows the radiance of Tsavorite, the center stone, to shine through. The lustrous pear-shaped pearl sits quietly beneath the clouds. Floating on golden clouds, the precious garnet in vibrant green and the Akoya pearls from Japan glow with colorful majesty. The understated and luxurious design is artfully executed through fluid geometrical lines and radiant gemstones.

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