Magnificence Inspired by a Golden Age

Tang Elegance

Artistry and Engineering:
The Making of Tang Elegance

Tang Elegance began as an artistic journey to bring many layers of culture into a beautiful jewelry piece that can be passed down for generations.
Each of our fine jewelry pieces is masterfully crafted by hand in Taiwan, one at a time.
To transform a two-dimensional design into intricate and richly symbolic jewelry, gemstones of rare beauty are set in 18kt gold and adorned with pavé diamonds.
In Search of Outstanding Beauty
Every gemstone goes through rigorous inspection by our veteran gemologist who has industry certification and over 40 years of experience. Only gems of exemplary quality and composition make the cut.
Unlock the Layers of Meaning behind the Tang Elegance Collection!
From the selection of vibrant gemstones to the distinct octagon shape, the Tang Elegance Collection holds many layers of inspiring meaning.
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