The Chinese of ancient times believed that true beauty stemmed from the cultivation of a beautiful character within. The Zhen Shan Ren Jewelry Collection honors the remarkable values of Falun Dafa: 真 (Zhēn) Truthfulness, 善 (Shàn) Compassion, and 忍 (Rěn) Forbearance, as portrayed in Shen Yun's dance pieces.

We hope that you enjoy our four beautiful and wondrous jewelry collections. Each collection has been designed for perfect harmony with any occasion. May your path ahead be bright as you carry Zhen, Shan, and Ren throughout the events of your life!

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Timeless Heritage Collection
Timeless Ring Collection
Elegant Virtues & Eternity Collection
Wondrous Words Collection
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Inspiration behind our collection

In the past, artists looked to the divine for inspiration. They would meditate and seek virtue. They believed that to create art that uplifts, they must first cultivate goodness.

Today, Shen Yun's artists follow this noble tradition. Their source of inspiration is the spiritual discipline known as Falun Dafa. Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, Falun Dafa incorporates meditation exercises and teachings of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance which are the inspiration of our Zhen Shan Ren Jewelry Collection. Following these principles in everyday life, harmony and inner peace can be achieved.