Handcrafted in Spain from 100% premium pebbled leather, Shen Yun Collections' very first leather bag collection—featuring a tote, a crossbody and a wallet—is ready to elevate your outfit for any occasion.

Designed for style and practicality, each piece of our Tang leather bag collection boasts an elegant, multi-pocketed silhouette that is crafted to perfection to accommodate your days on the go.
Tang Dynasty - Shen Yun Dancer | Shen Yun Shop
Shen Yun dance piece "Ladies of the Tang Palace," 2014


Honoring the divinely inspired attires seen in Shen Yun's dances through captivating designs, our newly released leather bag collection brings to life the impeccable gowns worn by the palace maidens during the Golden Age of Chinese culture—the Tang Dynasty (618-907 C.E.)
As pictured here, the heavenly Tang dresses were known to be characterized by silky, broad-sleeved robes and long Ru skirts with unique arched necks and high waistlines above the chest.

A Timeless Style Embodying Grace and Ease

Whether it be a classy look for work or a casual look for summer outings, these versatile companions bring majestic radiance wherever life may lead.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Created with the finest attention to detail and quality by prestigious artisans in Spain, each leather piece is handcrafted with smooth, sturdy burnished edges—a labor-intensive process made possible by dedication and skills honed over generations.
Our Tang leather collection is available in six fascinating colors: Blush Pink, Cornflower Blue, Parchment Beige, Canyon Orange, Black, and Camel.
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