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Divinely Inspired Grace

Explore your creativity and discover your own unique style with our Inspiration Jewelry Collection relaunch.

Showcasing four new exquisite charms drawn from Shen Yun Performing Arts' dances, stage props, traditional values, and stories, this collection lets you mix and match your favorite charms with either your own jewelry or our signature collections.

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Inspiration Charms

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Complete your charms creation with your own jewelry or our signature pieces.

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Keep Shen Yun's exhilarating onstage energy close by your side all year round with this unique charms set. Featuring Shen Yun's signature stamp and eye-catching dance pose in an artistic style, let these sparkling charms inspire your courage and strength wherever life may lead.

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Often featured in the scenic palace and temple backgrounds behind Shen Yun dances, this inviting pavilion was utilized from the Zhou Dynasty as a watchtower, ministerial office, or place to rest.

Pavilion Grace Set

$128.25 $135
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Blooming in murky, still waters should be impossible. But the lotus manages to flourish despite the odds, becoming a revered symbol of purity and grace.

Noble Lotus Set

$128.25 $135
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Twirling, floating centerpieces that make their presence known. The handkerchief is commonly used in the "yang ge" folk-dance style from northern China.

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