We Are Thankful to Be Busy at the Shen Yun Collections

The Shen Yun Collections

At the Shen Yun Collections we are busy again, thankful to be busy. Thankful at Thanksgiving, this special time of year.

We’re thankful to be inspired, from across 5,000 years, to make designs as elegant as brush-tipped, ancient, colored paintings, to choose the weave of cloth as fine and soft as tranquil music soothing and warming through winter when the worrisome winds begin. We are happy to print the scenes and trim the hems, to have them shine like diadems.

We choose precious metals, firm in well-made filigree, and stones and glittering gems and we display them in intricate designs with the sure perspective of majestic Chinese history.

We take your orders on the phone and on the screen. We individually sort these from their shelves and then in careful hands, wrap them, pack them, and ensure that once it arrives at your door it is a joy to open and behold, bringing a piece of the wonder we feel from our heart to yours.

At the Shen Yun Collections we are busy, thankful to be busy. We know our gifts are transported to appreciative houses and homes, friends, relatives, kids, and spouses, to people of taste and caliber who will enjoy and treasure them and journey with them through predestined special lives.

So we are busy, thankful to be busy, thankful that we can keep giving, joyfully, our special gifts of heaven, our eternal treasures from Shen Yun.

From our families to yours, we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Hello! Thank you so much everyone associated with Shen Yun Performing Arts for your dedication and perseverance! I’m especially thankful to the creative director for showing us the true beauty of ancient China and it’s profound culture through Shen Yun’s performances. I’m not Chinese but every musical note and costume deeply resonate with me, and my family who have seen the show.
I guess that’s why I really appreciate being able to have items associated with Shen Yun available—from the soft, luxurious scarves to an elegant porcelain cup. I smile every time I look at them and touch them, because I remember the performances and can almost hear the music.
From my family to yours—we are grateful! All the best!

Jean November 27, 2021

Thanking You on Thanksgiving for all that you do :) Exquisite items that really are a delight..Everything arrived perfectly and shows the high care you take. I treasure and cherish these beautiful gifts. Buying culturally rich and beneficent gifts for family and friends is a joy now.

Suzanne November 27, 2021

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