Happy Holidays from the Shen Yun Collections!

Damian Robin and Evan Mantyk, Contributing Writers

It’s that magical time of year full of jingling Christmas bells and memories of times gone by as anticipation builds for the New Year. Brilliant lights bring joy to the darkest month of the year, as do splendidly wrapped presents under glowing trees.

Enjoy this present from the wordsmiths at the Shen Yun Collections: a Shakespearean sonnet composed just for you:

What Wonder?

What wonder will this season bring?
Who will we meet? Which friendship from
The past renew? Perhaps something
We never could expect will come:
A conversation, memory,
Or chance to grasp as this year ends.
But what to give to those you see
That holds warm wishes your heart sends?

A gift. A memento of
Great ages past that fills the spirit
With smiling joy and brotherly love—
A treasure that we all inherit
From the kingdoms of the past
Whose brilliance will forever last.

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