Our Extraordinary New Vermeil Jewelry Line

Laura Hatton, Contributing Writer

High-quality vermeil (pronounced “vehr may”) is considered to be the next best thing to fine jewelry and is often indistinguishable. Vermeil jewelry is created by fusing gold over sterling or pure silver. A technique called electroplating regulates the process to deliver a higher-quality uniform thickness and luster, earning quality vermeil jewelry the designation of semi-fine.

 Tarnish Resistant Jewelry

The process behind high-end vermeil creates a product more resilient than ordinary electroplating and stronger than the typical gold-filled technique. Discerning customers know to ask for vermeil that meets the standard of 2.5 microns in thickness, bearing at least 10 karats of gold over pure or sterling silver—but our vermeil surpasses the legal standards of refinement. Your high-quality vermeil from Shen Yun Collections contains 18kt gold of 2.5 microns over sterling silver, imparting the beauty of 18-karat luster. This level of quality also brings you a hypo-allergenic* and long-lasting jewelry piece for you to treasure.

Jewelry Finished with a Rare Metal

We use sterling silver, also called 925 silver. Due to its 92.5% purity, sterling silver is a stronger metal than pure silver, which is very soft and malleable. Our sterling silver is always nickel-free, whether serving as the foundational metal for your vermeil piece or standing alone. Our finished silver pieces are rhodium-plated to prevent tarnish and to ensure a white luster. Rhodium is a rare noble metal of the platinum class and is the metal of choice to protect the exquisite sheen of silver. Rhodium is considered the most expensive metal in the world and is prized for jewelry-making due to its high reflectiveness and hypo-allergenic quality.


"Cosmetic or Medicine Box in the Form of a Clamshell with Phoenix (Fenghuang) LACMA M.2000.57 (2 of 2)" by Fæ is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Artisanal metalwork involving the layering and fusing of gold and silver has been cherished over the centuries in both the East and the West for its luster, magnificence, and versatility in depicting the designs, symbols, and legendary images of the high court .



 Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Words Jewelry Collection

Our Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Words Jewelry Collection continues this noble tradition in its craftsmanship, and is our first collection using this refined vermeil of extraordinary quality. We strive for the highest standards to bring you jewelry you will love and that contains three wondrous words embodying a sublime meaning.

Simplified Jewelry Care

When caring for your quality vermeil jewelry, please keep your vermeil in a place where it will not scratch against other jewelry. With proper care, your vermeil from Shen Yun Collections will last for years to come!

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