The Inspiration Behind Our Zhen Shan Ren Jewelry Collections

Laura Hatton, Contributing Writer

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a constant reminder of the beauty and wonder of something truly good in the universe?

Now our four Falun Dafa Jewelry collections express the timeless virtues of Zhēn, Shàn, and Rěn (真 善 忍) which have graced Shen Yun performances on stages around the world. The character Zhēn 真 stands for truthfulness or realness; the character Shàn 善 means goodness or compassion; and the character Rěn 忍 means forbearance or tolerance—the ability to endure despite great challenges. To put it another way, Zhēn, Shàn, and Rěn means to be true, to be good, and to endure. Such values are more universal and timeless.

But how does one honor such wondrous words? 

Our jewelry artists have designed not one but four collections. Timeless Heritage is made from the most precious of wearable metals: 18kt yellow or rose gold and silver. Timeless Rings, Elegant Virtues & Eternity, and Zhen Shan Ren Wondrous Words are all crafted in high-quality vermeil (a special form of gold plating over sterling silver). An elegant accent for your style awaits you in one or more of these collections. 

Many Shen Yun dances have depicted the faith and courage of Falun Dafa practitioners who face persecution in China. Falun Dafa practitioners follow higher principles and have met slander and violence against them with compassion and strength of spirit. Practitioners believe that the highest principles are also the most simple and the most powerful, forming the defining characteristic of the universe. These are Zhēn, Shàn, and Rěn.

To be true, to be good, and to endure are themes found across cultures and throughout history. Who were the good guys and heroes in your family’s, nation’s, or ethnicities’ past? Undoubtedly you will find that these universal virtues defined their actions. They are something that anyone can appreciate and aspire to in life. Aren't they something worth cherishing?



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