Li Bai Poet Fan

From a wine vessel amidst the blossoms,
I drink alone with no one close by.
To invite the bright moon, I raise my cup,
We’re now three as my shadow shows up.

Honoring Li Bai (701–762)—the “Immortal Poet” of ancient China—this Shen Yun-inspired fan showcases the beautifully-written verses from one of his famous works Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon.

Renowned as a poetic genius of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai was highly-acclaimed during his time, and left a legacy of over a thousand poems which have dominated Chinese poetry to this day.

Aside from his brilliant works, Li Bai was also known for his free spirit and love for drinking wine. As a constant wanderer throughout his life, Li Bai had many opportunities to share his talents with people far and wide. In his company, there were often Taoists and esteemed scholars as well as high-ranking officials and even the Emperor.

While traveling, Li Bai particularly loved to drink alone under the moonlight where inspiration for many of his poems was sparked.

Dashingly elegant, let this inspiring fan bring a touch of Li Bai’s genius to your daily life!

• 13" x 1" (closed)
• 23.6" x 13" (open)
• Print on thick polyester
• Bamboo frame

Made in Korea

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