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Summer Voyage: Colorful Ethnic Heritage

This summer, join us on a journey to explore the vibrant world of China's ethnic groups, where you can get a glimpse of their rich heritage and artistic expressions.
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The Yi ladies are best known for their vibrant energy and joyful outfits. As they dance with lively spirits, their colorful skirts paint the lush hills of southwest China with swirling rainbows.
20% Off Manchurian Elegance Collection
Known for their poise and fashion-forward style, Qing Dynasty palace maidens sported ornate dresses, four-inch-high "flower pot shoes," and elaborate headdresses.
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At the heart of vast grasslands under the cloudy white sky, the ladies of the Mongolian plains welcome guests from afar by offering warm bowls of milk tea balanced on their heads.
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Mongolian Hospitality Scarf
Decorated with characteristic Mongolian elements of sequined boots, beaded hats, handfuls of chopsticks, and yurt tents.
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