Traveling Back to The Great Tang Dynasty

Ariel Tian and Brett Chuda, Contributing Writers

China's 5,000 year-old civilization has been home to at least ten major dynasties, each with its own collection of unique artifacts and colorful designs. But one stands out from the rest as the most prosperous, the most noble, and the greatest of all time—the Tang. 

Spanning almost two centuries beginning in 618 AD, the Tang style reached sublime heights with its elegant, uncomplicated design. Known as China's golden age, its fashion, like its architecture, was not overly detailed, nor was it primitive. It was divinely-inspired, as though patterns more beautiful than mankind could imagine had fallen from heaven.

Image was the imperial palace complex of the Tang dynasty, located in its capital Chang'an. Daming Palace by Wang Zhenpeng.

Many Tang-era buildings still stand today and symbolize the tranquil grandeur of the period. The homes and palaces where the nobility lived are especially beautiful. Built almost completely from wood, their exteriors were often painted with a golden color. Though grand and imposing, they still retained their elegance as well as a delightful amount of pattern and detail. 


Court Ladies with Flowered Headdresses by Zhou Fang

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