Traveling Back to the Great Tang Dynasty

Take A Piece of the Tang Era Home With You

Serena Liang, Contributing Writer

China has a history comprised of many dynasties, and each dynasty had its own distinct characteristics and style—but, the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) has always been king. It is known as China’s golden age for being a prosperous period when art and culture flourished and Chinese civilization reached its peak. While the legendary King Arthur and Camelot have occupied a cherished place in the hearts and imaginations of the West, the great emperor Tang Taizong and his court in Chang’an have reached a similar cultural status in the East, with the difference that the relatively advanced Tang culture has survived intact through a magnificent array of historical records, art work, architecture, artifacts, and traditions.

The Peony    

The peony flower was the most popular flower during the Tang Dynasty. Famous Chinese poet Zhou Dunyi wrote, “Since the beginning of Tang, the people loved the peony… The peony is the flower of prosperity.” It’s no wonder why Tang people loved the peony – they lived in most prosperous dynasty in Chinese history. Maidens frequently wore hairpieces with peony themes, as well as peony flower patterns embroidered along the hems of their dresses, robes, belts, and fan-shaped sleeves—another distinct characteristic of Tang fashion.

Tang Fashion

Women during the Tang Dynasty had a very particular style for their dresses. Tang dresses were made high-waisted, with a belt placed at the bottom of the bodice, which marked the start of the flare on the long dress. The sleeves in Tang fashion are also very distinct. When worn and measured in a T-pose, it usually measured from the shoulder height down to the ankles. This style applied for both men and women.

Tang ScarfShen Yun Collections Tang Dynasty Grace Scarf


The Tang Dynasty buildings, especially those of the nobles, were always a magnificent sight. Without using any metal, buildings were built purely with wood and frequently painted with a golden color.  

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