How to Choose the Perfect Charm That Fits Your Style

Lingling Xiong and JJ Wang, Contributing Writers

The Shen Yun Collections has released its brand-new Inspiration Charms Collection. This collection allows you to create a stylish look by mixing and matching exquisite charms. 

The charms can be added to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The nine charms bring together the beauty of both traditional style and elegant design.  

Your unique style can be showcased by the creative way you add the charms to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings according to outfits and occasions.

The creative process of the Inspiration Charms Collection begins with being guided by traditional values instead of catering to current fashion trends. After all, true classics are always in fashion. While creating these classic jewelry pieces, the designer incorporates ancient stories and symbolism that impart, in their essence, the true effect of warm wishes and good fortune.

Wearing the Inspiration Charms Collection not only sets you apart from others in everyday outfits, but also adds something dazzling to showcase your unique style.

How do you select the charm that best fits your style? We will now present you with the nine newly released charms, each with an interpretation to give you some ideas.

    Versatile: Joyous Dancer Charm

      Joyous Dancer Charm is born of the classic Shen Yun Collections logo. Inspired by Shen Yun dancers’ superb flexibility and strength, the charm represents the beauty of classical Chinese dance’s movements and postures.

      The charm is 14k gold plated sterling silver and decorated with sparkling zirconia. The charm adds a focal point to your outfit.

      Styling tip:

      This charm is perfect for complementing your outfit for any occasion.

        Delicate and feminine: Tang Flower Charm

          Flowers are one of the most popular components in jewelry patterns. The peony is a symbol of beauty, wealth, and honor.

          The unique design of this exquisite yet classic charm is very chic. Shining through the golden petals, the embedded orange agate in the center completes this beautiful, delicate charm.

          The Tang Flower charm celebrates feminine tenderness and beauty .  

          Styling tip:

          Adding this charm to earrings brings a fresh breeze of gracefulness into your outfit.

          Dance Calligraphy Charm

          Literary arts meet performing arts in this charm featuring the character “dance” in a cursive calligraphy style. Keep Shen Yun's exhilarating onstage energy close by your side with this dance calligraphy charm.

          You will be immersed in a sense of vitality when wearing this Dance Calligraphy Charm.

          Styling tip:

          Whether adding this delicate charm to necklaces or bracelets, it makes the most basic outfit look stylish.

          Keeping It Simple: Artist’s Stamp Charm

          Inspired by an artist's seal stamp, this rectangular charm features “I Love Shen Yun”' in ancient Chinese script on one side and in English on the other. Show appreciation of your Shen Yun experience with this reversible charm instilled with tradition and artistry.


          This reversible charm adds a focal point to your sophisticated look.

          Elegant: Shen Yun Signature Coin Charm

          The round shape resembles harmony and perfection in Chinese tradition. A variety of looks can be created by wearing this charm with rich meaning on either side.

          This charm, featuring a maiden in the “Da She Yan” pose on one side and a tiny gem on the other, reminds us of the pure heart behind “I Love Shen Yun.”

          Styling tip:

          This round charm in gold can be worn alone or layered with other pieces to create your unique style. An everyday outfit becomes more interesting by mixing and matching necklaces in various lengths.

          Orchid Hand Fan Charm

          The decoratively painted hand fan, often featured in Shen Yun dances, is an eye-catching prop for female dancers to cover their faces. The orchid design on the fan reflects a noble heart and elegance, and it implies accomplishment and happiness. As a symbol of sophistication and class, decoratively painted fans are widely used to express different moods, from playful to demure.

          Styling tip:

          All charms in this collection can be worn in all seasons according to the occasion and outfit.

          Good fortune: Magic Hulu Charm

          Who doesn't want a little good fortune in our daily life? Wearing this hulu gourd charm is a way of achieving that. Inspired by Shen Yun dance, hulu in Chinese has a similar pronunciation to "good fortune" and "prosperity". Therefore, Hulu has become the symbol of good fortune, prosperity and longevity.

          This magic emerald hulu charm is ready to add a sparkling touch and good fortune to your everyday outfit.

          Styling tip:

          Charm necklaces can be personalized in a variety of different ways. Adding two charms to your necklace is a great way to make a statement.

          Peach of Immortality Charm

          The Peach of Immortality Charm is inspired by the Shen Yun dance piece How the Monkey King Came to Be, a humorous legend in which the mischievous Monkey King is caught sneakily eating heavenly peaches that grant everlasting life. Peaches of immortality grow in Heaven, and are a symbol of eminence and prosperity. The charm showcases a brilliant color through a unique arrangement of radiant gemstones.

          Styling tip:

          A multi-charm necklace, bracelet, or earring can act as an eye-catching centerpiece to layer with your outfit.

          Daily Grace Charm

          This reversible charm has the word “grace” appear in Chinese on one side and in English on the other. Inspired by traditional culture, the charm is designed to bring out your sophistication and accentuate your elegance and personality.  

          The Daily Grace Charm is an all-time favorite. It is not only unique but also adds a little touch of elegance to your look.

          Styling tip:

          Different looks can be created by adding multiple charms when wearing a dainty choker necklace with a longer necklace.

          There is a story behind every charm. Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet by telling your story through your favorite Inspiration Charms.

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