There’s More Than You Think to the Shen Yun Shop

Explore the meaning behind our Signature Collection

The Shen Yun Shop

What exactly is the Shen Yun Shop? More than you might think!

To understand it fully, we must first look back at Shen Yun Performing Arts’ beginning. Formed in New York in 2006, Shen Yun Performing Arts garnered accolades around the world for its classical dance and music performances. It quickly added new companies, new tour cities, and even a separate symphony orchestra tour. In 2012, the Shen Yun Shop was naturally added as well.

At first, the Shen Yun Shop offered items such as Shen Yun pens and postcards. Over time, it expanded to offering unique creations such as exquisite, Italian-made silk scarves, fashion jewelry, and a variety of collectibles, from jigsaw puzzles to art prints (none of these, by the way, “Made in China”). These designs draw their inspiration from Shen Yun performances.

However, they are more than simply fan merchandise. The Shen Yun Shop wants to lead the revival of traditional culture through our products.

To understand this deeper story, we must again look to Shen Yun’s dance and music performances. These performances have set into motion a major cultural renaissance that draws upon the treasure-trove of ancient China’s enchanting and divinely-inspired culture. It is an area of untapped genius and beauty for the West, and is even a rarity for the East, where much traditional culture has been diluted or lost under the influence of the communist government in China.

While Shen Yun has set a new standard for beauty and excellence for performing arts, the Shen Yun Shop is doing the same in the area of finely crafted products.

Yet, there is more than even that to the Shen Yun Shop. Underlying the traditional aesthetics are universal values that extend beyond languages and cultural boundaries, and are found in traditional cultures around the world. These are values that in modern times have eroded away around the world.

Scarves - Inspired by Shen Yun

Being good, respecting the divine, and having compassion, sincerity, wisdom, and trustworthiness: These are all universal values, and these are the values the Shen Yun Shop wants to bring back.

Celebrate the beauty of good values and traditional culture with our Signature Collection. Its motif features a traditional, interlocking ruyi, a design symbolizing good luck, as well as a lady dancer in the jubilant “Da She Yan” pose, which is the image from the Shen Yun Shop’s Signature logo.

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