Is Shen Yun on DVD? No. And Yes.

Lisa Ma, Contributing Writer

We know, we know, and we hear you. It's a pity that our performances don't come out on DVD, but there is a reason behind that.

Seeing performing arts live is not the same as seeing it on DVD, and we don’t want people to fool themselves. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, when there are real living and breathing dancers and musicians before you, putting their heart, not to mention their sweat, into a grand artistic production full of beauty, sincerity, and good values, it is something powerful that can move the spirit and uplift the mind. It is a magnificent experience full of positive energy. You cannot experience that on your couch at home!

Further, when you purchase a ticket, drive to the theater, enter it with your loved ones, and sit among others of your community who have done the same, you are entering into a lifestyle that is beautiful and healthy, for it cherishes beauty and good, wholesome values. It takes us out from in front of a screen and puts us in the real world. That is a precious opportunity we don’t want you to miss.

Lastly, each performance brings together a wide array of exquisitely coordinated choreography, music, costumes, and background projections. It creates a visual masterpiece that is our trademark product, and like any secret recipe or currently running production, we can’t give it all away!

Now, all of that may sound nice, but you still may be thinking, “I’m putting on a DVD tonight anyway, so it might as well be of something really wonderful like Shen Yun.” We do have our Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performances available on DVD and these are not to be balked at. There is no orchestra in the world like the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. It performs original compositions that celebrate the divinely inspired heritage of China's 5,000-year civilization. Chinese instruments are augmented by a full Western orchestra, pure bel canto singing fills the halls, and classics from the Western repertoire are superbly revisited. 

Enjoying a Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performance is joining a part of a musical heritage that is both beautiful and meaningful. And practically speaking, yes, you can experience it on your couch at home!

In addition to our DVDs, Shen Yun has a newly launched streaming platform—Shen Yun Creations! On this platform, which has both paid and free offerings, you can enjoy the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performing a wider variety of works and even a short opera. There are also various dance pieces, including showcases of Shen Yun dance techniques as well as amateur creations by students affiliated with Shen Yun. These dance pieces range from superb artistry to delightfully fun. Check them out today!


Same here. I have a father who wanted to see the live p[erformance for a while. He even went out and bought a new suit and tickets for the San Fransisco performance. However his health has rapidly deteriorated and he is not able to physically go see it. It would be great if he was able to watch it from the comfort of his living room.

sue March 17, 2024

I would give anything to attend a performance, however, my disability prevents that. So I was looking for a DVD. I will have to just enjoy what I can see in the trailers

David Trummer January 23, 2024

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