What Is a Twilly?

Erin Battrick, Contributing Writer

A great year-round accessory, scarves add a nice splash of color and can liven up any outfit. However, when Summer comes around, sometimes even the lightest of materials can still be too much. Not to worry! The Shen Yun Collections has the perfect remedy: the twilly.

The twilly is a long and narrow scarf made of 100% silk. It can be incredibly versatile. People use it as a hair accessory, neck scarf, bag charm, and more. Small, but colorful, a twilly can easily work with any outfit. Whether you’re in the office during the day with a twilly around your neck, or going out for dinner with the same twilly around your wrist, you’ll always look the part.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear our twilly:

Neck Scarf:

Tie a twilly around your neck in many different ways: try a bow, a loop, or a simple knot. You can even get creative with more styles by tying two twillies together.  
Hair Accessory:

Slip the twilly through your hair elastic and let it dangle, or tie it off with a cute bow. You can also wear it as a headband or use it as a hair tie.
Bag Charm:

Directly tie the twilly to your bag handle, or tie it onto one of our O-rings and attach it to your bag like a keyring.   


Not your average bracelet. Be unique with a scarf around your wrist! Get creative and use one of our silver or gold O-rings to tie your own twilly bracelet.   

Hat Ribbon:

Spice up any hat. Got a favorite hat? Or a boring one that’s just missing a little something? Add some color and liven things up by tying a twilly around the base.

Now it’s your turn! Show us how you accent your style with our twilly. #ShenYunCollections.

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I love the bracelet idea, its a wonderful idea.

Alma Garcia September 06, 2020

I don’t see choices for the Reilly. I agree, most scarves are too large especially here in Florida!

Sandy Boccagna August 14, 2019

Hi Lorelei, thank you for the feedback. We will definitely take it into consideration for our future design.

Shen Yun Shop March 06, 2019

That would be nice if they came in larger sizes to use to wear around the head, as a wrap or as a top tied around the back.

Lorelei Catalina Ryan March 05, 2019

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