Photo Blog - Onsite in Taipei, Taiwan! (Part 2)

The Shen Yun Collections

Many of you already know we have six equally large touring companies that travel around the world simultaneously, so we thought you would be interested in having a peek at our Shen Yun Collections staff and customers from across the globe. As one of our team members makes her way through Taiwan, she has shared with us some photos from the Shen Yun Collections booth at the Taipei performances.

Taiwan is a small island located in southeast Asia, but regardless of its size, its population exceeds 23.5 million people. When Shen Yun tours in Taiwan, we visit almost every big city and spend nearly a month performing here. This year, Shen Yun is visiting six cities in Taiwan and holding 28 performances, so if you live in the area and haven't purchased your tickets yet, don't forget!

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