Welcome to the Shen Yun Family!

Welcome to the
Shen Yun Family!

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Shen Yun Collections is the official one-stop-shop for all Shen Yun-inspired stories and merchandise. Whether you’re looking for memorable keepsakes (like the folding fans used on stage) or exquisite gifts and accessories (like silk scarves that feature the Tang Dynasty dresses worn by Shen Yun dancers) we have you covered!

Keepsakes Inspired by Shen Yun

Relive your Shen Yun experience with our one-of-a-kind keepsakes! From luxurious pens to intricate mirrors, exquisite fashion jewelry to beautiful totes — we’ve got you covered with the perfect mementos.

Experience the Shen Yun Lifestyle

One of a kind accessories handcrafted with premium leather, silk, cashmere, gold, diamonds, and more!

Explore Tales From Ancient History

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