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Our Mission

In ancient times, it was believed that in order to exhibit beauty on the surface, one has to cultivate a beautiful character within. At Shen Yun Collections, we draw upon a rich tapestry of cultural traditions from China's five millennia of divinely bestowed culture.

Based in the United States, we visit and hand-select ethical manufacturers around the world and take pride in quality craftsmanship. All of our products are inspected individually by hand before we send them to you.

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Explore Now

Artisanal Leather

Take a peek behind-the-scenes at Ubrique, Spain where top leather craftsmen have been perfecting their skills generation after generation for over 200 years.

The Tang Leather Collection

Handmade in the hometown of Italy's great leather artisans, our Tang bags are crafted with skills passed down for generations. Available in six timeless shades to complement your wardrobe: Parchment Beige, Blush Pink, Black, Canyon Orange, Cornflower Blue, and Camel.

Fine Jewelry

Fine traditions, new Spring looks! In precious metals, pearls, and gems.

Timeless Blessings Ruyi

Dynasty after dynasty in China, one age would give way to the next. But the ruyi symbol was a rare constant within the ever-changing culture, existing since the first dynasty. Meaning “as one wishes,” the ruyi is known as a symbol of good fortune ahead.

Silk & Cashmere

As the air is filled with the fragrance of Spring, we present fine scarves to bring beauty and graceful movement to any ensemble.

Elegant moments, snapshots in eternity

When every color has a unique meaning and every pattern its own history, fashion becomes legacy. With every Shen Yun Collections scarf, a unique and moving story awaits.

Men's Collection

Honoring history's heroes through wardrobe essentials for the true modern man.

Stories Behind Our Products

Our products are inspired by tales and cultural symbolism passed down for hundreds of generations. From the noble meaning behind the peony to a devoted military wife who waited for her husband for 18 years, we want to share these beautiful tales with you.

Join Us on a Cultural Renaissance

Based in the United States, Shen Yun Collections is pioneering a cultural revival of traditional virtues and styles that carry five millennia of heritage. Join our Loyalty Program for free today and be a part of a new era of prosperous radiance.

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