Write the Next Chapter of History With a Pen Inspired by a Legend

Travel back to ancient China with a pen decorated with the weapon and legacy of one of China’s most brilliant generals.

James White, Contributing Writer

China’s most legendary heroes were known as much for their brains as brawn. Shen Yun Shop’s Scholar Ballpoint Pen honors the legacy, courage, and fortitude of General Han Xin, one of ancient China’s most outstanding military strategists. The pen’s clip is in the shape of Han Xin’s sword, so just like the famous general who always carried his trusty weapon, you can carry your pen, and his legacy, with you every day.

Writing History

By the end of the Qin Dynasty, China had fallen into chaos and several states were vying for control. General Han Xin guided ruler Liu Bang and his relatively weak Han Kingdom to victory after victory over much stronger military forces with creative, unexpected war tactics.

In one instance, Han Xin’s men pretended to be repairing roads, advancing slowly towards their enemy. Han Xin then lead a surprise attack and defeated the opposing army with deftness and ease.

With his foresight and wisdom, Han Xin helped unite China and led Liu Bang to become the first emperor of the newly minted Han Dynasty. One of China’s largest and long-lasting empires, the Han Dynasty is often compared in glory to the cotemporaneous Roman Empire in the West.

His Greatest Weapon

Han Xin was not only a renowned martial artist, but was also famed for his unmatched moral character. One day in his youth, Han Xin was challenged by a local ruffian, who gave the future leader two options: either try to cut off his head or crawl between his legs.

Han Xin had nothing to prove to the man, so he chose the latter. Witnesses laughed, but Han Xin was unbothered, showing great forbearance as he crawled through the man’s legs.

Years later, after Han Xin became the famous general who united all of China, he again saw that man, who begged for forgiveness. Han Xin kindly obliged, and appointed the man a position in a local government.

His entire life, Han Xin’s strong moral fiber gave him an exceptional ability to think calmly and rationally, even in the face of life-threatening dangers.

With our Scholar Ballpoint Pen, you can always carry Han Xin’s sword, strength, and honor with you. Continue Han Xin’s legacy with every word you write with the Scholar Pen. You yourself can be writing the next chapter in history.

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