Puzzled About How to Revive Family Time?

Embark on One of Our Brand-New Shen Yun Jigsaw Puzzles

Monkey King - Puzzle

Lin Shao, contributing writer

Nowadays, it can be difficult to get away from the distraction of modern devices and screens—to-do lists, work emails, and antisocial entertainment—to really give the time we want to the people who matter.

We might find ourselves looking back on memories of traditional family time, wondering how we can encourage our kids to experience more of the simple and wholesome joys in life that we knew in our childhoods.

Why not bring back the wholesome beauty of family time with a brand-new Shen Yun jigsaw puzzle? Spend quality time together and give kids a fun and healthy source of entertainment that builds their skills and inspires their imaginations. Shen Yun puzzles bring to life the stories of the heroic yet mischievous Monkey King, who battles evil demons, and the beautiful “Lotus Fairies,” who are a dazzling symbol of grace and purity.

Monkey King Jigsaw Puzzle

Alongside board games, chess sets, and playing cards, the puzzle is a tried and true hallmark of every family household and the perfect time to have meaningful conversations while searching for your next piece. Puzzles can also be a great tool for teaching kids to creatively problem solve, and to develop their memory, focus, and patience—valuable assets in every walk of life.

Lotus Fairies Jigsaw Puzzle

Add these new puzzles to your family collection and bring both a wholesome family pastime and the magical stories of Shen Yun home for good.

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