What You Need to Know About the New Shen Yun Collections Loyalty Program

Brett Chuda, Contributing Writer

Pour yourself a cup of tea and have your favorite Shen Yun pen and notebook handy. We hope you're as excited as we are to learn all about the Shen Yun Collections new Loyalty Program! 

Many of you continue to add to your collections of Shen Yun luxury accessories and keepsakes. This inspired us to revamp our rewards program to give you more than ever before. 

Loyalty Members will now enjoy instant store credit (twice as much as before!), free ground shipping, holiday gifts, access to product launches, cross-brand rewards with Shen Yun Performing Arts and Shen Yun Zuo Pin, and more.

There are no fees to join, ever.

We're most excited about the way our Members earn points faster in each new tier they reach. 

The chart below outlines all of the perks you can earn in each tier, all the way up to the ultimate status, the Diamond tier! 



How do I join? 

If you were already a Member of our VIP Program before October 27, 2022, you’ll be automatically enrolled into our new Loyalty Program. Your tier level will stay the same until January 1, 2023 when your Member tier will be reevaluated. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free today by clicking Join Now! You will immediately be rewarded 100 points when you first join and you can start enjoying Members-only perks right away.

To join our Loyalty Program for the first time, enter your email address here.

If you're new, you'll be a Bronze tier Member right away, even before you make your first purchase. It costs nothing to join, and you start enjoying rewards even if you've spent $0. But, trust us, you'll love the experience of shopping at the Shen Yun Collections when you pick out your first item, learn the captivating inspiration behind its design, start seeing store credit, and get early peeks at exciting new products, event invitations, free shipping in the U.S., and more. 

What does the new Members Rewards Program give me? 

Loyalty Rewards Members earn extra dollars to spend in the Shen Yun Collections with every purchase they make. Spend in the Bronze tier, you'll earn 2% back. In the Silver tier, you'll earn 4%. In the Gold tier, 6%. Platinum earns you 8% back. And the Diamond tier, the highest tier, gives you 10% back to spend on something new for your collection, or a gift for a loved one. 

How are points calculated? 

Everytime you make a purchase you earn both redeemable points and points that determine your tier of exclusive benefits. 

For example, if your first purchase is The Timeless Blessings Fine Jewelry Necklace with Tsavorite for $920, you'll earn 920 points and instantly reach the next tier—Silver. For your second purchase, you will earn at double the rate—2 points for every $1 you spend. Since 50 points are the equivalent of $1, you'll also have an extra $16 to spend in the store on this second purchase.  

You can always check your account balance by logging into your Account

New perks are instantly available upon reaching each new tier. 

What can I get with my Shen Yun Collections store credit? 

The Shen Yun Collections will now have two lines of products: Shen Yun Keepsakes (featuring performance mementos) and Shen Yun Collections (fine jewelry, premium Italian silk & cashmere, leather products handcrafted in Spain ). With the store credit you earn by being a Member and making purchases, and you're free to choose exactly what you like from either line of products. 

Shen Yun Collections

Shen Yun Collections was launched in 2022 to revive universal virtues through traditional craftsmanship and true classical culture, offering a signature line of premium products exclusive to our unique mission for the first time. Discover the fine jewelry, pure leather products, and pure silk scarves that embody the ancient wisdom of nearly forgotten Chinese heritage.

Shen Yun Keepsakes

Shen Yun Keepsakes is the only place for official Shen Yun Performing Arts mementos. Each keepsake is designed to reflect the traditions, universal values, and artistic beauty  that have been passed down for hundreds of generations. Bring home the beauty of Shen Yun through photo albums, orchestral CD and DVDs, bookmarks, scarves, home goods, and more.

Are there other ways to earn points? 


Here are other ways to earn Shen Yun Collections points in addition to making a purchase. Every point you earn brings you closer to the next tier. 


For more information, please check our Members Rewards Program page. 

We hope the Shen Yun Collections items you already own are bringing you joy and filling your world with cultivated beauty and profound meaning. If you're still deciding on your first purchase, we're excited for you! Be sure to sign up or activate your account today so you can start enjoying Member rewards*. 

Now it's easier than ever to bring home exquisitely designed and divinely inspired products that carry Shen Yun's beauty. Please send us your feedback at ​​info@email.shenyunCollections.com on the new Loyalty Program. We'd love to hear from you! 


*Your Loyalty points expire after two years of complete inactivity. 

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