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A Hybrid between Ethnic and Traditional Chinese Design

Serena Liang, Contributing Writer

The Qing dynasty, ruled by the Manchurians, was the last dynasty in Chinese history. As China’s second-largest ethnic group, the Manchurians created a distinctive hybrid of Manchurian and traditional Chinese styles—be it in attire, architecture, and even social etiquette.

As mentioned in our blog post The Manchurian Princess, maidens of Qing royal families wore interestingly shaped elevated shoes called “flowerpot shoes” and large, elaborate headdresses to symbolize their noble status. On less formal occasions, Qing ladies would sometimes wear smaller intricate hairpieces instead.

Also distinctive in Qing attire is that ladies often wore pants instead of dresses. Their shirts would usually cover the upper thigh, with slits running from the hip down to the rim to ensure easy leg movement. High-collared shirts were also a characteristic of Qing style clothing. Nowadays, people call this style the “Mandarin collar,” but it is actually a traditional Manchurian style!

The Shen Yun Collections presents a series of products in the Qing dynasty theme. Our Manchurian Elegance scarves come in two colors this year, featuring a recurring ruyi pattern with a Qing-inspired tassel in each corner. To top it off, the traditional Qing fan-shaped headdress adorns one of the corners.

This style is also available as a long scarf, coming in 80% modal and 20% cashmere.

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