Autumn: The Perfect Season for Unique Styles

Sarah Chou, Contributing Writer

Nature greets autumn delightfully with a mesmerizing feast of colors and the gentle sound of the swirling leaves in the wind.

While enjoying autumn’s glory in the cool, crisp air, keep warm in style with our unique collection of cozy silk scarves.

You may ask, “How are these silk scarves one of a kind?”

More than a fashion accessory, each of our Shen Yun-inspired scarves is a canvas displaying treasures from the magnificent vault of ancient Chinese culture.

For this joyful and colorful season, we compiled some of our favorite looks that may just be perfect for you, too!


Tang Dynasty Grace Scarf

Featuring an exact replica of the broad-sleeved gown from a Shen Yun performance piece, this lovely scarf lets you wear the majestic radiance of the Golden Age of Chinese culture.



Manchurian Elegance Square Scarf – Bronze

Keeping you warm with poise and style, our Manchurian-themed scarf is intricately designed with traditional knots and tassels seen in the Shen Yun piece Manchurian Elegance, which depicts the graceful palace ladies of the Qing Dynasty.



Manchurian Elegance Square Scarf – Blue

A different color for a different look. Elegant yet dazzling.

Our Manchurian-themed scarf is available in blue, too.


Poets of the Orchid Pavilion Silk Scarf

This one is the perfect way to give your style a sophisticated look.

This elegant silk scarf, embellished with classic landscape art in traditional blue and white porcelain colors, presents the famous Preface penned by the “Sage of Calligraphy” Wang Xizhi. It has been regarded as a literary masterpiece and was written to commemorate the lively gathering of esteemed scholars at the Orchid Pavilion on Mt. Kuaiji in 353 CE.


As seasonal chills creep up little by little, let our inspiring collection of scarves bring you warmth and cheer while journeying through life!


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