A Shen Yun Way to Celebrate: Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Shen Yun Way to Celebrate: Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sarah Chou, Contributing Writer

Displaying the precious splendors of a marvelous era in exquisitely stylish designs, our collection of Shen Yun-inspired jewelry and scarf sets may just be what you need to warm your mom’s heart this Mother’s Day.

The Peachy Perfect Set: Divine Grace White Mother of Pearl Fine Jewelry Pendant and Peaches of Immortality Silk Scarf

Enlivening your daily spirit with the joyful beauty of Shen Yun performances and the gentle soothing powers of the sea, this pink-themed gift set brings together our Divine Grace 18kt Rose Gold Pendant and our Peaches of Immortality Scarf for a bright Spring look.

Delicately crafted in pure rose gold, this fine jewelry pendant presents the Shen Yun Collections logo with the gorgeous shimmer of white mother of pearl. An iridescent lining known to produce precious pearls while protecting the interiors of abalone, mussels in freshwater, and pearl oysters from outside pollutants, mother of pearl is believed to provide motherly protection that chases away negative energies. What better stone for a Mother’s Day gift?

Showcasing one of the most playful designs yet at the Shen Yun Collections, our Peaches of Immortality Scarf is inspired by an all-time favorite character in Shen Yun’s performances, the Monkey King, and his love for the magical peaches grown by the Queen Mother of Heaven. These special peaches only ripened once every few thousand years and granted immortality to those who ate them. Curious and mischievous, the Monkey King caused an uproar in the heavenly realm when he was caught feasting on the peaches of the fruit-picking fairies sent by the Queen Mother. Turning the clock forward from the Great Tang Dynasty to the present day, peaches are still celebrated as symbols of longevity in Chinese culture.

The Captivating Blue Set: Divine Grace Lapis Fine Jewelry Pendant and Poets of the Orchid Pavilion Silk Scarf

Featuring an elegant dancer taking a stunning leap through the starry night sky, this 18kt gold pendant artfully displays the Shen Yun Collections signature logo set off by enchanting deep-blue lapis in a regal fine jewelry design. Captivating the eye with its shimmering blue hue, the lapis has been one of the most celebrated and sought-after gems for thousands of years. Known as a stone of wisdom, intuition, and protection, the mystical lapis was particularly adored by royalty and artists across many cultures in history who used it to create fashion adornments, home décor, and art pieces. This precious gem is also said to ward off negativity, which helps to calm tempers, release stress, and unlock one’s inner wisdom by harmonizing one’s mind and body.

Our Poets of the Orchid Pavilion Silk Scarf beautifully blends masterful calligraphy with classic landscape art in a traditional blue and white porcelain colored design. This piece honors the pure character of the orchid as well as the famous Preface penned by the “Sage of Calligraphy” Wang Xizhi. Orchids are respected by the Confucian tradition as a symbol of a noble heart and righteousness in all circumstances. Confucius himself once pointed out that orchids are always striving to display their beauty and emitting their fragrance despite growing in solitude deep in the valleys.

Simple yet mesmerizing, this blue-themed gift set is perfect for adding a sophisticated touch of elegance to your everyday style.

The Lotus Fairies Set: Earrings and Silk Scarf

Bringing to your style the pure beauty and grace of the lotuses seen in Shen Yun’s dances, our Lotus Fairies Earrings and Scarf Set allows your heart to soar along with celestial maidens as they dance amidst the clouds, sprinkling blessings of happiness upon the earth with their heavenly flowers.

The lotus blooms bright from mud and rippling water and has long been a revered symbol of purity and transcendence. Showcasing pure lotuses through exquisitely handcrafted pieces, this Shen Yun-inspired gift set features a pink 23-inch square scarf and a pair of elegant earrings available in rose gold and silver.

The Tang Flower Set: Bracelet Cuff and Silk Scarf

Aside from its phenomenal beauty, the peony has been a revered symbol of wealth and honor, representing the spirit of the glorious Tang Dynasty.

As legend has it, the ruthless Empress Wu Zetian once ordered her flowers to bloom in mid-winter to beautify her garden amidst the snow. Deeply afraid of the Empress and her temper, all the flowers came into full bloom the next day, except the peony—the only flower that refused to bloom at an unnatural time of year. Outraged, the Empress banished the peonies from the capital to the city of Luoyang and, when they bloomed in the spring, she ordered that they be burned to the ground.

Despite these desperate circumstances, the peonies remained unwavering and always came back as lovely as ever the next spring. The peony’s courageous spirit serves as a good reminder that by living in harmony with the universe and following its natural path, true happiness will surely come our way.

Showcasing exquisite peony patterns inspired by the Shen Yun piece Tang Dynasty Grace, this bracelet cuff and 23-inch square scarf set is ready to add a touch of timeless splendor to your outfit whatever the occasion.

There are many more inspiring gift sets waiting to be explored. Find out more at the Shen Yun Collections Mother’s Day Collection page. Remember to enjoy our complimentary gifts to you as well for every Mother’s Day gift set you purchase.

May these delightful wonders of ages past bring bounteous cheer and joy to you and your mom for many years to come!

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Uyen Tran June 22, 2022

I’ve signed few weeks ago, when you get my choice please let me know. It’s a 24k gold Pendant which chain.
I love Shen Yun show and jewelry. I’ve posted it on my wall in FB advertising your Show! Beautiful

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