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Coming for You

Material and Size:


All canvas orders require additional processing and will ship in 4-6 weeks.

This painting is inspired by a photograph taken of 36 practitioners of Falun Gong from all over the world who coordinated a peaceful appeal to the Chinese communist regime on Tiananmen Square on November 20, 2001. Risking their lives, the Western Falun Gong practitioners from 13 countries traveled thousands of miles to Tiananmen Square, and unfurled a banner with words in both Chinese and English, reading, “Truth, Compassion, Tolerance.” This event has moved the entire world. The painting is a portrait of that moment. Moments after the photograph was taken, the practitioners were thrown into police vans, many were beaten and then all were expelled from China. In the picture, golden light shines everywhere. In both heaven and earth, all attention is focused on this historic moment.

• Poster Size: 21" x 30.5"
• Canvas Size: 32" x 40"
• Painter: Yixiu Zhou, Xiaoping Chen

*** Processing time: 1-2 weeks ***

Each canvas print we ship is a replica of the original painting and is professionally printed on museum quality canvas in water-resistant ink. 
Please note that we do not provide frames for the canvas prints at this time.

  • 美國國內$75以上訂單免運費。
  • 畫布印刷品不提供免運費服務。
  • 海外訂單可能發生關稅和中間代理費用,數額取決於承運商和商品種類。
  • 在原包裝中未經使用、未清洗和無損壞的商品收貨30天內可以退貨。
  • DVD,CD和日曆不可退貨。

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