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All canvas orders require additional processing and will ship in 4-6 weeks.

Behind the beauty of this lady is her experience of brutal persecution. How many bloody tears lie behind the beautiful flowers? The artist was illegally arrested and detained in a labor camp in Guangdong province. The products she made in the labor camp included silk flowers and stuffed toys exported to Europe. She worked 15 to 16 hours a day, often through the night. She was deprived of sleep until she met her production quota. She once protested the treatment she received and refused to work. She was handcuffed and hung up for three days. She also witnessed the brutality fellow Falun Gong practitioners endured. Many were beaten, handcuffed and hung with only one toe touching the ground for 40 consecutive days. Prisoners depicted in the paintings are Falun Gong practitioners in prisons and labor camps.

• Canvas Size: 20" x 27"
• Painter: Huimin Wang

***Processing time: 1-2 weeks***

Each canvas print we ship is a replica of the original painting and is professionally printed on museum quality canvas in water-resistant ink. 
Please note that we do not provide frames for the canvas prints at this time.

  • 美國國內$75以上訂單免運費。
  • 以下產品不提供免運費服務:


  • 海外訂單可能發生關稅和中間代理費用,數額取決於承運商和商品種類。
  • 在原包裝中未經使用、未清洗和無損壞的商品收貨30天內可以退貨。
  • DVD,CD,日曆,畫作和藝術框畫不可退貨。

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