The Legend of How the Peony Became the Queen of Flowers
Photo courtesy of National Palace Museum Open Data.


作者 Dan Skorbach & Natasha Stevanovic;編譯 Ariel Tian












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Thanks for this lovely story! I’ve always loved peonies; their big beautiful blooms and their amazing scent! Whenever I’ve had them in my yard, I’ve cut them and put them in my home as a wonderful natural air freshener. I particularly love that they always come back; my dad would often forget about them when he mowed the first time in the summer and although they were absent for that season, they always came up again the next summer. To me, they represent great endurance, but knowing the story behind them, I see that they mean so much more. I am blessed.

Barbara Gay 10月 22, 2023

Thank you for offering this beautiful jewelry! I purchased the peony scarf a few years ago, and I’ve received many compliments whenever I wear it. I’ve purchased items from the Shen Yun gift shop as birthday or holiday gifts that they are greatly appreciated by my friends and family.

Jill 10月 22, 2023

Peonies are my signature flower and since my birthday is in June it is very befitting.

Val Carey 9月 06, 2022

How can I grow them in San Clemente California

vincetta sheftell 9月 06, 2022

Everything on our earth and universe can teach us a lesson. The peony and the Tao are living teachers…

Stan Jernigan 9月 06, 2022

nice to have in future when I have money :)

hong 2月 25, 2021

A dear friend of ours visited us this past week to help lend a hand with some work and cooking some wholesome meals around the house as our household was quite busy. On one of the days, she looked in our backyard and was looking at two varieties of Peonies that were in full bloom. She discovered they were edible and incorporated them in one of her salad recipes for us on afternoon for lunch. I decided to cut some fresh blooms and place them inside on our countertop in the kitchen to greet us as we passed by. Our dear friend mentioned that the petals that fall off can then be used in a warm bath to add to its everlasting life and allure…

Brad-Lee 7月 02, 2020

Are there only the three items pictured the only ones designated towards peonies?

Annette E. 3月 05, 2020

That was very inspiring ~ I will now look upon the Peony flower with different wonder on their beautiful petals.

Hesther 3月 04, 2020

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers

Susan Russell 3月 04, 2020